Electrical Industries Company (EIC)
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Job Description and Requirements

1. Performs routine visual and mechanical inspection of components, stage inspections of assemblies and subassemblies 
2. Verification of drawings with actual produced components, panels. Must possess ability to read mechanical drawings, decide on sampling rates of component inspection, guiding fabrication and assembly teams to eliminate errors and wastage of materials. 
3. Pre and Post Checking of MV Switchgear Panels including visual, mechanical and functional Testing as per relevant International Standard and Factory Quality Management System (QMS) Procedures. 
4. Works as part of the QA team, applies basic level process knowledge, practices and procedures to standard routine inspection tasks employed in Swicthgear Industry (Steel/Copper fabrication and assembly)
5. Participates in preparing all necessary documentation for reporting acceptance/rejection of inspected and/or tested items and identifying the root cause. 
6. Organization and management of work on a daily basis, to ensure that they are fully aware of their daily work schedule. Accordingly, Prioritize and Plan site the testing activates based on the given target time with full coordination with QC and Steel Center Production team.
7. Ensuring and maintaining excellent QC record into the company database.
8. Preparing/Formulizing the investigation report/Non Conformance Reports (NCRs), in case of testing failures.