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Sales Representative

Job Description and Requirements

• Representing the company in the promotion and sale of its products
• Opening new outlets and increasing the number of customers
• Apply the established sales plan
• Following the policies and procedures of opening the account and the ceiling of the client and the plan of sale and payment and the accuracy of the registration information and order of the documentary.
• Collecting the amounts owed by customers according to the contracts concluded and following them
• Answering inquiries about the product, prices, availability, uses, items and methods of payment
• Selling customers products that meet their needs and interests only without accumulating excess goods
• Communicate with regular and prospective customers periodically to present new products, their characteristics, their benefits and to bring orders from them
• After-sales customer service and contract making with the customer in order to provide continuous support
• Provide samples of products and catalogs to customers
• Continuous exposure to market conditions, innovative products, competitors' products, prices and sales
• Adhering to the company's sales policies and regulations
• Prepare daily and periodic reports to the branch manager
• Collecting the sales executed according to the agreed contract and supplying the funds collected daily and handing them over to the accountant of the branch
• Ensure that the customer signs the invoices received in coordination with the accountant and the warehouse. • Daily coordination with the accountant to monitor the balance of customer indebtedness. • Registration of the order within the credit limit according to the customer's actual need. • Prepare and submit daily reports to the branch supervisor, attend the daily meeting and draw up the expected work schedule. • Assist in the implementation of marketing plans by providing the branch manager with new information, market variables and market competition. • - Track orders with the warehouse administrator to secure their access to the customer. • Compliance with the internal rules of periodic reconciliation of client accounts. • Follow-up of the return from customers and the work of the required report and sign it and hand it to the Director of the branch for approval.
• Make a report after any change learned that may affect the integrity of the business or financial situation of the client.
• Commitment to good customer service
• Maintain his appearance always fit.
• Validity:
• Open a client account according to the selling policies
• Approve the return of goods from the customer according to the sales policies
• See wholesale and retail prices
• See collection and sales reports for customers