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Malware Analyst

Job Description and Requirements

 Deal effectively and efficiently with actual or suspected malware infections, for instance investigating, stopping and helping to resolve malware incidents.
 Develop new malicious code analysis and detection tools.
 More than 3 years of Internet security experience.
 At least 5 years of IT experience in addition to specific experience.

Technical Skills: 
 Programming experience in C. 
 Experience in reverse engineering x86/64 assembly.
 Strong foundation in algorithms. 
 Good Knowledge of network protocols (layer 7, HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP). 
 Good Knowledge of Java and Android SDK. 
 Knowledge of IDA and OllyDbg. 
 Programming experience Python or Perl. 
 Knowledge of windows internals (XP, 7 & 8). 
 Technical writing.

Educational Qualifications:
 Bachelors in computer science.

Soft Skills and Languages:

 English essential
 Arabic advantageous.
 Team work.
 Attention to detail.
 Reliability.
 Independent working.
 Willing to act as a mentor for team members.